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Casey Brewing & Blending Cherry Fruit Stand Release Sep 6

Casey Cherry Fruit StandHeard of Casey Brewing & Blending yet? This upstart Colorado brewery popped up in 2013, focusing exclusively on 100% oak barrel fermentation with a dedication to locally-sourced ingredients and old world brewing techniques. On Saturday, September 6 at 11am, the brewery will present Saison Blend Three alongside a pair of Cherry Fruit Stand varietals. Write this name down in ink – these guys are here to stay.

The details:

  • Saison Blend Two/Saison Blend Three: Onsite consumption only, $5 per 8oz pour or $15 per 750mL bottle
  • Cherry Fruit Stand (Sweet Cherry): $6 per 8oz pour, $16 per 750mL bottle, limit 6 per person
  • Cherry Fruit Stand (Sour Balaton Cherry): $6 per 8oz pour, $16 per 750mL bottle, limit 6 per person
  • Approx 40 cases of Saison Blend Three and 20 cases each of the Cherry Fruit Stands available
  • More details on Casey’s Facebook event page

Commercial description:

Our Saison is as old-world as it gets. We use 100% Colorado ingredients: Colorado water, malted and raw barley and wheat, Crystal hops and a yeast blend of saison yeast, brettanomyces and lactobacillus. We ferment the beer in custom-made open oak barrel fermenters. After this rustic primary fermentation, the beer goes to other barrels for further aging and flavor development. The result is a citrusy, dry, tart and effervescent beer worthy of sharing. 5.5% ABV

Our Fruit Stand Series is where we take our Saison and age it on fresh Colorado fruit. There are two versions of Cherry Fruit Stand available, a sweet cherry and sour Balaton cherry version. 5.5% ABV

Casey Brewing & Blending is located at 3421 Grand Ave Ste. E in Glenwood Springs, CO.


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