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Foothills Bourbon Barrel-Aged Sexual Chocolate 2014 Release Sept 6

Foothills Bourbon Barrel-Aged Sexual ChocolateYou know it, you’ve heard all about it, and now it’s back again. The 2014 vintage of Foothills Bourbon Barrel-Aged Sexual Chocolate is nearly upon us, debuting with all the typical fanfare and bottle-sharing frenzy you’ve come to enjoy on Saturday, September 6 at the brewery.

Foothills has laid everything out in painstaking detail, so here’s the skinny straight from the source:

– Foothills will host its traditional Bottle Share Pre-Release Party on Friday night September 5th beginning at 7:00 pm, in the brewery portion of our brewpub at 638 West 4th Street in Winston-Salem. Appetizers will be provided. Price of admission is a bottle or two (or three or four) of something rare, unique or coveted in the craft beer world. We leave the interpretation of that description to you; but show up with a 6-pack of Blue Moon and mocking is sure to commence.

– The line to buy bombers (22-oz. bottles) will begin on the sidewalk outside the front door of the pub. You’re welcome to queue up any time after we close at 2:00 am the previous evening. So for once you don’t have to actually go home at closing time.

– City police officers will be on hand overnight—this will of course prove to be completely unnecessary, since we all know what a well-behaved lot craft beer enthusiasts are.

– There’s a rumor that those nice officers will let you enjoy your own, um, refreshments until daylight. We can neither confirm nor deny . . . we will, however, refer you to the aforementioned good behavior. Wink wink nudge nudge.

– There will be portable restroom facilities in the back parking lot. You’re welcome.

– Around 7:00 am we will rouse you with a bugle for calisthenics. Just kidding. We’ll have our cheerful staff on hand at that time to distribute numbered wristbands that denote your place in line. (Captain Obvious says make sure you have your ID with you.)

– The pub will open its doors at 8:00 am, BBA Sexual Chocolate will be tapped and waiting. We’ll also have breakfast available for purchase. Actual food, not beer. Not judging though.

– Bottle sales will commence at 10:00 am. You’ll be summoned by your wristband number in groups of 50. Bottles are $20 each, limit of 6 to a person. Any questions about that? Then the answer is 20 and 6. (By the way, that is an increase from the 4 bottle max of the past. You’re welcome again.)

– IMPORTANT: there is a limited supply of this beer. Both bottles and draft will be gone fairly quickly. This is our polite way of suggesting that, if you want to partake in this beer, please please please plan accordingly. If you show up at noon and complain bitterly that there’s none left, you will only create bad karma for yourself. That and the staff will be doing impressions of you until next year’s release.

– No growler fills of BBA Sexual Chocolate. And no growling about no growler fills.

– We will have a limited number of Sexual Chocolate Teku glasses for sale, $15 each. No limit.

Foothills Brewing Company is located at 638 W 4th St in Winston-Salem.


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