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Upright Single Cask Late Harvest On Sale Today

upright-single-cask-late-harvestChalk another Sole Composition release up for Upright Brewing. The next installment in their series of limited, small-batch beers is Single Cask Late Harvest, hitting the tasting room today when doors open at 4:30pm. This is a single-cask bottling of their Late Harvest saison from 2013 which has been resting in a California syrah barrel. No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you – 45 bottles produced.

Price and limit TBA.

Commercial description:

Late Harvest was a larger annual release that revolved around a malty saison base with a rotating set of botanicals/spices and barrel-aging. The 2013 brew was reduced to only three casks, all previously used for California syrah. Because they are showing individual character, we decided to keep them separate in single cask bottlings. This is the first of those (the remaining two are continuing an extended maturation). The brew used whole lemons for a big citric acidity, and muna muna, a minty and earthy herb collected in the mountains of northern Argentina that is traditionally used as a digestive tea or flavorful adition to yerba mate. The beer warms to a tart, layered profile where the syrah shows smoothly on the finish. 7% ABV

Upright Brewing is located at 240 N Broadway #2 in Portland, OR.


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