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Block 15 Bottle Release Brunch Nov. 22

block-15-framboise-black Block-15-figgy-pudding









Block 15 is revving up for another bottle release next month, featuring a trio of barrel-aged beers on Saturday, November 22. As usual, two options for landing bottles are available – either through brunch reservations (9-10am) via a newly implemented lottery system or lining up when the brewery opens their doors for regular business at 11am.

The brunch reservation request period is open now, running until Monday, November 3 at 5pm. One reservation request per person, max party size of two people. Winners will be notified via email by Thursday, November 6 at 6pm.

The details:

  • Figgy Pudding – $11 per 500mL bottle, limit 6 per person
  • Framboise Black – $9 per 375mL bottle, limit 2 per person
  • Giving Thanks – $11 per 500mL bottle, limit 4 per person
  • All release beers will be on tap

Commercial descriptions:

Figgy Pudding – Our holiday offering was brewed with English pale & specialty malts, white & black figs, and black strap molasses. It was then matured in freshly emptied brandy barrels and gently spiced with Ceylon cinnamon and hand ground nutmeg. This blend includes 9 of 12 barrels we had available. We made a couple slight tweaks this year by was adding the figs to our kettle at the end of boil instead of the conditioning tank. We also added just a touch more spice. The Ceylon cinnamon throws a wonderful citrus note to the finished beer! The final blend is fantastic with rich caramelized fig character; gentle spicing, citrus, with warming brandy. Each barrel was plated twice in our lab prior to bottling. 11.5% ABV

We brewed Framboise Black as we were not able to procure enough golden raspberries last year for Framboise White.  This beer is brewed in the same manner as Framboise White and is a blend of strong Belgian style witbiers matured in French Oak barrels with locally grown black cap raspberries. We open fermented the beer with our house blend of Belgian yeast, brettanomyces, and lactobacillus. Mysteriously purple black in color with rich jammy fruits, supporting body, and a balanced sour finish.  The bottle limits are low as we lost half our the barrels to flooding this past spring. 8.5% ABV

From our wild cellar comes this blend of Belgian style Dubbels from 2nd use rum barrels and strong ale from brandy and 2nd use bourbon barrels. All of these beers underwent an extended lactic fermentation in barrels for 11-28 months. Akin to an Oud Bruin, the final blend is balanced with gentle acidity and supporting malt character. Implementing the use of 2nd run barrels allowed us to control the oak and spirit character to a supporting role. Giving Thanks is a wonderfully complex beer with notes of nuts, tobacco, plum and oak with supporting acidity. 10% ABV

Block 15 Restaurant & Brewery is located at 300 SW Jefferson Ave in Corvallis, OR.



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