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Breakside La Tormenta Bottles Coming Soon

Breakside La TormentaBreakside Brewery’s final bottled release of 2014, La Tormenta, is ready to hit local bottle shops this month. Expect to see this dry-hopped sour ale to be gracing Pacific Northwestern bars and stores from November to January in both draft and 22oz bottles.

Commercial description:

Our final bottled release for the 2014 brew year is an experimental sour ale made with a unique blend of citrusy, tropical and fruity hops. Bracing-yet-balanced sour notes combine beautifully with West Coast hop flavor in this sweet and tart ale. This beer was one of our most popular small batch offerings earlier in the year, and we’re excited to re-release it as a light and beguiling alternative to classic winter beers. Notes of blueberry, guava, grapefruit, and lemongrass are offset by a juicy acidity, medium body, and a moderate sweetness from caramel malt. 7% ABV


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