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Cascade Cranberry 2014 & Cerise Nouveau Bottle Release Nov. 19

Cascade-Cerise-NouveauWe have a one-two sour punch combo from Cascade Brewing right here, featuring Cranberry 2014 and Cerise Nouveau. Both bottles and draft of each beer will hit the Barrel House and Raccoon Lodge on Wednesday, November 19 at 12pm (Cranberry) and 3pm (Cerise Nouveau), respectively.

The details:

  • Cranberry 2014 – $20 per 750mL bottle, no limit
  • Cerise Nouveau – $25 per 750mL bottle, no limit

Commercial descriptions:

Cranberry 2014, a NW style sour wheat ale barrel aged for up to 12 months with cranberries, orange peel and cinnamon. 8.2% ABV

Cerise Nouveau, the Beaujolais Nouveau of cherry beers. This NW style sour red ale is a blend of red ales aged in oak barrels for up to eight months, then aged on fresh Bing cherries for an additional three months. Best consumed now through the holidays with friends. 8.85% ABV

Cascade Brewing Barrel House is located at 939 SE Belmont St in Portland, OR.


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