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AleSmith x Mikkeller Beer Geek Speedway Sales Begin Jan. 19

Alesmith-Mikkeller-Beer-Geek-SpeedwayA pair of the industry’s leading imperial coffee stouts are colliding this winter as AleSmith and Mikkeller team up to drop Beer Geek Speedway beginning on Monday, January 19 at 11am PST. Sales will go down on Brown Paper Tickets as usual with similar rules as previous AleSmith bottle sales, however proxies ARE allowed this time!

The details:

  • $26.87 (after service fee) per 750mL bottle
  • Limit 4 per person
  • One order per person – duplicate entries will be voided
  • Bottles MUST be picked up from Saturday, January 24th – Sunday, March 8th
  • Proxies must be designated as “pickup person” when placing your order
  • Confirmation and photo ID required for pickup (must match pickup person’s name if using a proxy)

Commercial description:

This beer is the culmination of the efforts of two world-class brewers to create the most vitalizing coffee stout in the world. AleSmith and good friend Mikkeller join forces, blending the legendary Speedway Stout and Beer Geek Brunch Weasel together into one massive Imperial Oatmeal Stout with enough coffee and oats to substitute for your weekend brunch.

A beer of this magnitude requires a robust coffee with enough backbone to compliment the roasty and dark malt flavors; Kopi Luwak Coffee is the perfect choice. These coveted coffee beans are selected for their ripeness and quality by the Indonesian Palm Civet, a jungle marsupial that devours the fruit of the coffee cherry. The beans are then gathered from jungle floors, washed, sun-dried, and roasted. This smooth and aromatic stout is seriously good to the last dropping.

AleSmith Brewing Company is located at 9366 Cabot Drive in San Diego, CA.


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