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Half Acre Double Daisy Cutter Release Feb. 13

half-acre-double-daisy-cutter-labelHalf Acre is pumping up the volume on their flagship pale ale again, with a ripping fresh batch of Double Daisy Cutter hitting the taproom on Friday, February 13 at noon. Bottles and draft will be on hand for your hop-loving pleasure – don’t miss out.

The details:

  • $10 per 22oz bottle, limit 4 bottles per person
  • $20 per 64oz growler refill, limit 1 per person
  • $11 per 32oz growler refill, limit 2 per person

Commercial description:

Double Daisy Cutter, like the name suggests, is a louder version of Daisy Cutter Pale Ale, an important beer in our library. Technically a Double Pale Ale, Double Daisy Cutter is a power jam with a hefty amount of specialty malt and pacific northwestern hops. Hops speak up and grab the ring of your attention, but all told by today’s anarchist standards, the results are grounded in relative balance. 8% ABV

Half Acre Beer Company is located at 4257 N. Lincoln Ave in Chicago, IL.


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