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Casey Brewing & Blending Bottle Release Event Mar. 14

Casey-BrewingAnother month, another full slate of bottles ready to launch at Casey Brewing & Blending. The docket is jam-packed with 6 beers for the Saturday, March 14 event, kicking off at 11am.

The details:

  • East Bank (new blend) ($16) – 4 bottles per person
  • Cherry Fruit Stand – ($18) – 3 bottles per person
  • Peach Fruit Stand – ($18) – 1 bottle per person
  • Oak Theory – ($22) – 4 bottles per person
  • Dry Hopped Oak Theory – ($24) – 1 bottle per person
  • Advanced Oak Theory – ($24) – 3 bottles per person
  • All beers will be available for on-site consumption
  • More details here

No bottle sharing please.

Notes on the new beers from Casey:

New East Bank Blend that I’m in love with, blows previous blends out of the water. New blends of Cherry and Peach Fruit Stand. Made with whole fruit from Hotchkiss and Palisade, respectively. Oak Theory is our Belgian-style sour. Aged almost 11 months, this will remind you of a Belgian sour beer. Dry hopped version is with Galaxy and Simcoe. Advanced Oak Theory is the beer aged in “exotic” barrels (aka not neutral wine barrels) and this version was fermented and aged in Colorado whiskey barrels from Denver, CO. More details in the near future.

Casey Brewing & Blending is located at 3421 Grand Ave Ste E in Glenwood Springs, CO.


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