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East End Gratitude Day Mar. 14

East-End-BBA-GratitudeHere it is! East End Brewing Company is finally ready to drop another batch of their beloved barleywine on Saturday, March 14 at noon. The day will feature bottles of Gratitude and Bourbon Barrel-Aged Gratitude, as well as some opportunities to land vintage bottles and more.

The details:

  • 2014 Gratitude – $17 per 22oz bottle, limit 12 per person
  • 2014 BBA Gratitude – $21 per 750mL bottle, limit 12 per person
  • 2011 & 2012 Flatitude – $40 per case (this is the uncarbonated version of Gratitude)
  • 2008A Gratitude – $15 per 750mL bottle (this the “flawed” batch of ’08 Gratitude)
  • 2006 Gratitude – $15 per 750mL bottle, ONSITE only
  • Bottle sharing/potluck is encouraged and tables will be set up

Please note bottle limits on the new batches of Gratitude are subject to change based on turnout. However, you are allowed to get back in line to buy more if extras are available. Get all the details here.

Commercial description:


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