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Hangar 24 First Crush & Sanguinello Bottle Releases Jun. 27

Hangar-24-First-CrushDouble-barreled sour release coming in hot this summer from Hangar 24 Craft Brewery in Redlands, CA. Kicking off on Saturday, June 27 at 9am will be the launch of First Crush and Sanguinello. Limited beers, live music and more – let’s get crackin.

The details:

  • First Crush:
    • $20 per 750mL bottle
    • No bottle limits
    • 2300 bottles available
    • $8 per 8oz pour, $3 per 3oz taster
  • Sanguinello:
    • $15 per 330mL bottle
    • Limit 1 per person
    • 1200 bottles available
    • $15 per 11oz pour, $5 per 3oz taster

Tasting room will open at 11am. Full details here.

Commercial descriptions:

First Crush – Winemakers often refer to their harvest as “The Crush,” a reference to their process of literally crushing the juice from freshly harvested grapes. We’ve borrowed this term for “First Crush,” the very first beer we’ve ever blended from our stock of Syrah wine barrels filled with sour red ale. A mix of 18 month old barrels build complex base flavors of funk and oak, and the addition of Syrah grape juice after primary fermentation adds vinous, tannic notes of red wine, ripe fruit and leather. First Crush is ready to enjoy now, but will continue to evolve in your cellar for many years.

Sanguinello – Sanguinello is the name given to a variety of blood oranges, drawing on the deep crimson and ruby color of the citrus flesh. For Sanguinello the beer we sourced blood oranges locally, squeezing the fresh juice into Sauvignon Blanc barrels which held nine and eighteen month old sour blonde ale. The resulting beer is a beautiful hazy pink, balancing the tart base beer with the aromatics of citrus. We recommend enjoying the delicate fruit notes of Sanguinello fresh.

Hangar 24 Craft Brewery is located at 1710 Sessums Dr in Redlands, CA.


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