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Swamp Head Saison du Swamp & 10-10-10 Bottle Release Sept. 4

swamp-head-bottle-dropA pair of bottles are ready to hit Florida’s Swamp Head Brewery on Friday, September 4 – featuring Saison du Swamp and 10-10-10. Bottle sales will kick off at 1pm, with timed tappings, live music and food trucks firing up the action later on at 5pm.

Timed Tappings:

  • 5pm – Watermelon Saison du Swamp
  • 6pm – Curry Saison du Swamp
  • 7pm – Honey Ginger Saison du Swamp
  • 8pm – Blueberry Basil Saison du Swamp
  • 9pm – Tamarind Saison du Swamp
  • 5pm – Peach 10-10-10
  • 6pm – Cranberry 10-10-10
  • 7pm – Coffee 10-10-10
  • 8pm – Plum 10-10-10
  • 9pm – Curry 10-10-10

Commercial descriptions:

Saison du Swamp: Summers here in North Florida are hot and humid, not exactly the conditions that most ale yeasts prefer. Except for the yeast used in the Wallonia region of Belgium to produce a refreshing yet complex seasonal ale known as Saison (French for season). Unlike typical ale yeasts that prefer temperatures in the 60’s, these little critters like it hot – they do their best work at temperatures above 80. So we figured if we have to work in a sweltering swamp environment, why not brew a seasonal ale that enjoys Florida summers too. From the initial aromas of pepper and summer fruits to the lingering finish with a hint of floral hops, Saison Du Swamp is a bottle–conditioned ale that can be enjoyed in any season. 7.6% ABV

10-10-10: Our Imperial IPA is all about excess. We use massive quantities of the finest European barley malts and American hops to produce a wonderfully malty beer with outrageous hop expression. From the initial aroma, through the balanced finish and the lingering hop flavors that coat your palette, 10-10-10 is truly fertilizer for the hop lover’s soul. 10% ABV

Swamp Head Brewery is located at 3650 SW 42nd Ave in Gainesville, FL.


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