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Side Project Saison du Blé Blend 4 Release Today

Side-Project-Saison-du-BleA fresh batch of Side Project Saison du Blé is ready to go today! Blend 4 will be available at Side Project Cellar this afternoon, and is expected to “last a week or two.”

The details:

  • $20 per 750mL bottle
  • Limit 2 per person, per day

Commercial description:

Saison du Blé is the harmony of a fluffy Wheat Saison and a traditional, rustic Saison with Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus. The wheat balances a very dry body with a creamy, billowy mouthfeel, and our house Saison yeast adds complexity and acidity. This farmhouse ale was aged in Chardonnay barrels for several months. 6% ABV

Side Project Cellar is located at 7373 Marietta Ave. in Maplewood, MO.



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