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Maine Beer Co. Dinner Release Oct. 24

Maine Beer Co DinnerHard to believe it, but this will be the 7th release of Maine Beer Company’s heralded Dinner Ale. The fun begins bright and early at 7am on Saturday, October 24. Brewery only, hops in your face, it’s gonna get crazy.

The details:

  • $8 per 500mL bottle
  • Limit 1 case per person (12 bottles)
  • Approx 800 cases available

The tasting room will open for regular business at 11am (draft beer, other bottle sales).

Commercial description:

Once we made Lunch, it was time to whip up some Dinner, hence our first Double IPA. It’s dry, refreshing and a hoppy happening. Our intention for this brew was to really amp up the hop flavor and aroma. So we dry hopped Dinner TWICE, with over 6 pounds of hops per barrel. This deep dive into hops means freshness is critical, so when you get yours, only get what you’re planning to drink. No more, no less, no tucking in the back of the fridge. 8.2% ABV

Maine Beer Company is located at 525 US Route 1 in Freeport, ME.



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