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Almanac Beer Co. Releases Truthful Statement

almanac-truthful-statementAlmanac Beer Co. has a new installment in their Farm to Barrel series ready for everyone, with Truthful Statement launching this month. Keep your eyes peeled!

Similar to other releases in the product line, this will be available in 375mL bottles and limited draft.

Commercial description:

This dark sour ale was inspired by classic Old Fashioned cocktails. We fermented a velvety imperial stout with our house sour culture, then aged it in Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrels alongside sweet Bing cherries and freshly zested oranges to create a rich, tart stout that’s perfect for sipping on cold winter nights. 9% ABV



Almanac Cerise Sour Blond Coming Soon

Almanac Cerise Sour BlondThe Almanac Farm to Barrel series just keeps on rolling right along this summer, featuring Cerise Sour Blond as the next release slated for the lovely month of July. Similar to other installments in the series, this was aged in used wine barrels with California-grown fruits to deliver the true ‘farm to barrel’ experience Almanac seeks to deliver with each one of these beers. Blond ale + local cherries + wine barrels = Cerise Sour Blond.

This will hit their distribution footprint this month in limited 375mL bottles and draft.

Commercial description:

This beer is inspired by the long and hot summer days in the San Joaquin Valley—the fertile basin that yields much of California’s bountiful produce. This tart blond ale was brewed with Rainier and Bing cherries from Bella Viva Orchards and fermented with our house sour culture and aged for many months in used wine barrels to create a tart, cherry-kissed wild ale. 7% ABV

Almanac Dogpatch Strawberry Coming This Month


Almanac Beer Co. is kicking off the Summer of Sour this month beginning with Dogpatch Strawberry. If you were a fan of the brewery’s Dogpatch Sour (Flanders Red Ale aged in wine barrels with local cherries), then you’re in for another treat right here. For this latest installment in the Farm to Barrel series, they added 1,000 pounds of tremendously flavorful local strawberries to Dogpatch Sour before aging it in used wine barrels for 8 months, finishing up at 7.5% ABV.

Look for Dogpatch Strawberry in 375mL bottles and limited draft throughout California this month. Check out the Almanac site to see where you can track a bottle down, or perhaps even have some shipped to your house.

Commercial description:

Swanton Berry Farm is nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Warmed by the summer sun during the day and cooled by humid marine breezes at night, Swanton’s fields grow some of the sweetest strawberries in California. We hoarded these magical berries and added them to our Dogpatch Sour ale before aging it in used wine barrels. This complex beer is our ode to the fertile coastal farmlands of California.


Almanac Farmer’s Reserve Blackberry Arrives in Late April

Almanac-Farmers-Reserve-BlackberryThe season of sour continues! Almanac Beer Co. is unleashing another one of their popular barrel-aged Farm to Barrel beers in late April, as Farmer’s Reserve Blackberry returns to store shelves. This is a sour blonde ale aged in wine barrels with loads of local blackberries, coming in at 7% ABV.

Look for Farmer’s Reserve Blackberry in 375mL bottles and draft throughout California later this month. Check out the Almanac site to see where you can track these tasty gems down.

Commercial description:

We love blackberries. Tart, sweet and complex but guarded by thorny branches, these alluring fruit have been a favorite of ours since we added them to our very first beer. This sour blonde ale is infused with loads of coastal Blackberries from Swanton Berry Farm in California’s Santa Cruz Mountains and aged in wine barrels for many months. Pair with duck dishes and summer salads.

Next Almanac Beer Co. Release: Farmer’s Reserve Pluot

Almanac-Beer-Farm-to-BarrelIf you’ve been following along, Northern California’s Almanac Beer Company has continued to send shockwaves through the beer scene with their ongoing Farm to Barrel program. The series focuses on aging various wild ales in oak wine barrels while utilizing locally-sourced fruits and produce along with house yeast cultures and souring bacteria to create a unique drinking experience. The 12th installment in the adventure is nearly ready, as Farmer’s Reserve Pluot is scheduled to hit shelves in 375mL bottles beginning in late March 2014.

Farmer's Reserve PluotFarmer’s Reserve Pluot utilizes a variety of pluots which are grown and harvested each summer by Blossom Bluff Orchards in Parlier, CA. The fruit was added to a sour blonde ale and sent off to age in oak wine barrels to complete the latest Almanac wild ale.

Commercial description:

Pluots are some of our favorite fruits. Created by cross-breeding apricots and plums, there are dozens of varieties with an amazing range of color and flavor. All through the summer, Blossom Bluff Orchards picks each variety at its peak: Dapple Dandy, Honey Punch, Flavor Queen, Black Kat & Dapple Jack were all added to a sour blonde ale and aged in wine barrels to create this funky oak-aged brew. 7% ABV.

Check out Almanac Beer Company to see where you can find their ales on the West coast.

Almanac Beer Releases for San Francisco Beer Week

Almanac-SF-Beer-WeekAlmanac Beer Co. has a trio of brand new wild ales ready to roll for San Francisco Beer Week, which is set to hit the Bay Area from February 7-16. Each of these beers was created to celebrate the event and will be available in limited draft and 375mL bottles. Check out the Almanac event page to see where you can try them first.

Commercial descriptions:

Sourdough Wild Ale – Brewed with a mash of raw and malted barley, oats, rye, spelt and lemon, this beer is fermented in used wine barrels with a blend of Brettanomyces wild yeasts and Marla Bakery’s San Francisco Sourdough yeast. The finished beer is dry-hopped with tropical Mosaic hops. This unfiltered ale is alive in the bottle: drink fresh for a bright, passionfruit aroma or age to develop the wild yeast funk. 6.5% ABV

Valley of the Heart’s Delight – This sour ale is inspired by the agricultural history of the Santa Clara Valley. Long before it became Silicon Valley, it was known as the Valley of Heart’s Delight, a fertile basin overflowing with fruit orchards. Brewed with foraged apricots, loquats and cherries handpicked by the Garden To Table non-profit, this collaborative beer celebrates and supports their mission to promote urban farming in San Jose. 7% ABV

Brandy Barrel Pêche – Historically, fruit-infused sour beers were a way of preserving the summer harvest. In that tradition, this blonde ale was added to brandy barrels with high-summer peaches, hand-picked by the Loewen family at Blossom Bluff Orchards in Reedley, California. We aged this liquid gold for six months until we needed a reminder that summer will come again. Pair with Prosciutto, crusty bread and fruit preserves. 7% ABV

Learn more about San Francisco Beer Week here.

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Almanac Bourbon Sour Coming Early December 2013

Almanac-Beer-Co-Bourbon-Sour-PorterNow that you’ve probably devoured all of the Heirloom Pumpkin Barleywine, Almanac Beer Co. is back with another Farm to Barrel beer release. Meet Bourbon Sour Porter, a wild black ale aged in spent Kentucky bourbon barrels, coming in at 6% ABV.

As with all Farm to Barrel beers, this will be available in 375mL bottles and limited draft starting in early December 2013.

Commercial description: The life of a Kentucky oak barrel is one of giving: first to bourbon, then to dark strong ales, and finally we inoculate it with our Dogpatch Sour culture and fill it with robust porter. This inky black ale blends flavors of coffee, chocolate, dried fruit and Kentucky Bourbon with a pleasant tartness and funk. Pair with hearty winter stews or freshly shucked oysters.