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Avery Fiel al Estilo & Double D’s Bottle Release Dec. 20

avery-fiel-al-estilo-double-dsAsk and you shall receive – more barrel-aged beers from Avery are here again. Sunday, December 20 at 11am will see both Fiel Al Estilo and Double D’s launch at the brewery in Boulder.

Fiel Al Estilo is an ale brewed with agave syrup and aged in tequila barrels with chili peppers, weighing in at 9.9% ABV. The aptly named Double D’s is a bourbon barrel aged ale spiced up with ginger, finishing at 10.3% ABV.

The details:

  • $12 per 12oz bottle
  • Limit 1 case of each per person
  • Fiel Al Estilo – 485 cases produced
  • Double D’s – 633 cases produced
  • Both beers will be available on draft

Avery Brewing Company is located at 4910 Nautilus Ct in Boulder, CO.


Avery Fortuna Bottle Release May 3

Avery-FortunaJust in time for Cinco de Mayo. Avery’s latest Barrel-Aged Series release, Fortuna drops at the brewery on Sunday, May 3 at 11am. This is a sour ale with lime zest and salt aged in tequila barrels from Suerte, coming in at 8.1% ABV. Now all I need is some fish tacos.

The details:

  • $12 per 12oz bottle
  • Limit 12 per person
  • Fortuna will be distributed throughout CO, CA, IL, MA, MO, NC, NY, OH, PA, TX, VA, and WA
Avery Brewing Company is located at 4910 Nautilus Ct in Boulder, CO.

Avery Uncle Jacob’s Stout Release Feb. 9

Avery-Uncle-Jacobs-StoutThe 3rd batch of Avery Uncle Jacob’s Stout is almost ready to see the light of day, slated for release at their taproom in Boulder on Sunday, February 9 at 1pm. This is Avery’s boozy behemoth of an imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels for 6 months, finishing at 17.42% ABV.

The details:

  • $12 per 12oz bottle
  • Limit 1 case (24 bottles) per person
  • Limited beers on tap beginning at 11am

The taplist:

  • Bolder Weisse – Rustic, cloudy, sour, and aged in oak barrels for 6 months with Brettanomyces (4.5% ABV)
  • Chewblacka – India Black Ale brewed with rye and dry-hopped w/Chinook and Amarillo Hops (6.5% ABV)
  • Trogdor the Burninator – German doppelbock with 30% beechwood-smoked malt (7.5% ABV)
  • Khodynka – Bourbon barrel aged stout with vanilla beans (9.5% ABV)
  • Nutty Professor – Imperial Stout dry-nutted with peanuts (10% ABV)
  • Double Dry-Hopped Maharaja – Unfiltered with a pound of Simcoe hops in the keg (10.2% ABV)
  • Tweak – Demonic Belgian Imperial Stout with a hefty dose of Ozo’s cold-pressed espresso blend (14% ABV)
  • 2012 Beast – Massive vintage brew with flavors akin to a beautiful Carribean rum (16% ABV)

Avery has increased production for the previous two batches (moving from 694 to 848 cases between batches 1 and 2), although there’s no confirmed count for the latest release yet. This has also seen distribution in the past, so keep your fingers crossed/eyes peeled.

Avery Brewing Company is located at 5763 Arapahoe in Boulder, CO.