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Central Waters 18th Anniversary Party Details

central-waters-brewing-coThe details are in! Central Waters has announced its official 18th Anniversary party for Saturday, January 30th at 3pm. Tickets ARE REQUIRED THIS YEAR and will go on sale Monday, December 14 at 6pm CST via Brown Paper Tickets.

Details from the brewery:

Come join us on January 30th, 2016 from 3pm until 9pm as we hold our annual Anniversary Party! Featuring the release of “18”, our barrel aged anniversary stout, live music and food vendors!


Due to space restraints, we are forced to make this a ticketed only event, even for folks not buying the anniversary beer. We are required to limit the attendance this year, so here are the 2 options you have to attend…

1 – Buy a ticket for the Anniversary Beer – 18 – for the same price as last year – $5. This ticket will grant you the ability to buy up to 8 bottles of 18 for $15 each AND get you in the door. NO PROXY BUYING, as these also count as general admission. One per person only.

2 – Buy a general admission ticket. This ticket will be $13 each, will grant you entrance to the event AND get you 2 draft beers of your choice, BUT NOT THE ABILITY TO BUY 18. You may buy up to 2 General Admission tickets per person.



We understand this seems more complex, but attendance has increased by approximately 1,000 people every year, and if you were here last year, you know we do not have room for another 1,000!


You may begin entrance to the event at 3pm. Sales of 18 will go from 3pm until 7pm, you can arrive at anytime in that window to get your beer, if you have a ticket, there will be up to 8 bottles waiting for you, for $15 each. You will hold onto your ticket, and present it to the folks manning the 18 sales station.


The doors open at 3pm. You may enter anytime after that. The fine folks manning the door will take your ticket and present you with 2 tickets you may use for 2 beers of your choice.

In option 1, we will be donating the money received for the ticket to a local charity.

In option 2, we will be donating $5 of the ticket price to a local charity, and using the other $8 as “pre-paid” beer. Since we are ticketing the entire event, we want to make sure you have some skin in the game to help guarantee attendance!

Once again, after 7pm, any unsold 18 will go up for sale, first come first served.

We will also be running free shuttles between Guus On Main in Stevens Point, and these following Stevens Point hotels- Comfort Suites, Econolodge, and Holiday Inn.

This event is 21 and over and cash only.

Tickets for either option go on sale on December 14, 2015 at 6pm.

Again, you do not need both, just one option, either the ticket to buy bottles of 18, or a general admission ticket. Without one of these, you will not be allowed in.

We are looking forward to it, hope you are too! See you in January!


Central Waters Headless Heron Hitting Distribution Now

central-waters-headless-heronA tasty bite of news for you pumpkin beer fans out there – Central Waters Headless Heron is packed up and ready to roll out of the brewery. 22oz bottles and kegs are leaving the Wisconsin-based facility now, hitting accounts throughout their distribution footprint soon.

Currently, Central Waters is distributed in WI, MN, IA, SD, PA, NY and IL (limited).

Commercial description:

Generously spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and cloves, this barrel-aged pumpkin spice ale overflows with dark fruit, dried fruit, and hints of bourbon. Perfect for settling in to watch a few leaves fall to the ground. 8.5% ABV

New Glarus R&D Wild Bitter Release May 7-9

New-Glarus-Wild-Bitter-labelThe first of 4 New Glarus R&D releases is nearly upon us, as Wild Bitter is slated to drop at the brewery from May 7-9. A portion of the batch will be released each day in an effort to spread bottles around as much as possible, with sales beginning “no later than 10am” each morning.

The details:

  • $10 per 500mL bottle
  •  Limit 2 per person per day

Next New Glarus R&D releases will be:

  • June 11, 12, 13
  • Aug 6, 7, 8
  • October 8, 9, 10

Commercial description:

IIPA brewed of Wisconsin malts, Yakima, Citra and Sterling hops. Aged 9 months in Wild Fruit Cave. Dry-hopped of  Slovenian Savinjski hops, spontaneous secondary fermentation. Final third fermentation in bottle. 10% ABV

New Glarus Brewing Co. is located at 2400 State Hwy 69 in New Glarus, WI.

Funk Factory Coolship Bottle Reservations Open Now

Funk Factory GeuzeriaA bit of funky ruckus is coming out of Wisconsin this week, as Funk Factory Geuzeria has launched online reservations for a trio of Coolship Bottles slated to release at the O’so Brewery Tap House on Friday, January 23 at 3pm. On the docket is The Fox and the Grapes (Foch grape lambic), Framrood (red raspberry lambic) and Door Kriek (Door County tart cherry lambic).

Reservations are open now.

The details:

  • $21.69 per 750mL bottle (after service fee)
  • The Fox and the Grapes – Limit 6 per person, 1200 bottles available
  • Framrood – Limit 4 per person, 800 bottles available
  • Door Kriek – Limit 2 per person, 240 bottles available
  • Trustees are allowed, copy of photo ID matching the order required for pickup
  • All bottles MUST be picked up during the release party on Friday, January 23 from 3-10pm

O’so Brewing Company is located at 3028 Village Park in Plover, WI. Learn more about Funk Factory Geuzeria here.

Central Waters Sixteen Allocations to be Sold Online

Central-Waters-Brewing-logoIf you followed the Central Waters Fifteen release during the brewery’s anniversary party last winter, you probably heard about a “few” people leaving slightly less than satisfied. The brewery has responded to the discord this year, announcing a plan to sell reservations for Sixteen online via Brown Paper Tickets.

The details:

  • Reservations will be sold for $5* beginning at 1pm CST on Sunday, December 1 here
  • Tickets guarantee the ability to buy up to 8 bottles of Sixteen for $15 each
  • Bottles can be picked up from 2-7pm on Saturday, January 25 at the brewery during the 16th anniversary party
  • IDs will be checked to prevent duplicate purchases

*The $5 fee will be donated to the Jensen Center

Central Waters Sixteen will be a barrel-aged imperial stout in the vein of their previous two anniversary releases.

Central Waters Brewing Company is located at 351 Allen St in Amherst.

New Glarus to Release Very Very Sour Blackberry

New-Glarus-BrewingChances are if you were lucky enough to score tickets to Great Taste of the Midwest, you’re already beyond stoked for this weekend. Don’t forget to breathe just yet though, as New Glarus just bumped your buzz up another level by announcing the release of Very Very Sour Blackberry on August 9-11.

The details:

  • Available only at the brewery on August 9-11
  • Sales begin at 10am each day
  • Limit 2 bottles per person
  • 720 bottles available Friday, 360 on Saturday and 350 on Sunday

New Glarus Brewing Co. is located at 2400 State Hwy 69 in New Glarus. Check them out here.

Central Waters Debuts Bourbon-Barrel Scotch Ale

Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Scotch AleBourbon Barrel Scotch Ale will be the next addition to the Central Waters Brewer’s Reserve series, according to a Facebook post this week. The beer was bottled on Tuesday, July 9 and is slated for release at the brewery in bottles and draft this weekend.

For the out of towners, Bourbon Barrel Scotch Ale will be “hitting every one of [their] markets in limited quantity,” so expect to see this in stores “soon.” No word on pricing or limits for the release, but Central Waters doesn’t tend to be too pricey, especially compared to other barrel-aged limited brews.

In other news, Central Waters was one of the many breweries shut out of Great American Beer Fest due to signups closing in 2 hours. Definitely a bummer for them considering 1414 won Gold in the wood and barrel-aged beer category.